Different Types Of Restaurant Menus

Sometimes it can be very awkward when you don’t understand the menu in a hotel. If you don’t live in Wellington, you might be confused by the names of meals.

Understanding the different kinds of menus that are available in today’s restaurants is important so that you can choose the right meal for your dinner or lunch. Generally, there are five different menus, and here we will discuss them.

À La Carte Menu

In this type of menu, the prices of different items are listed separately. The prices of this menu are usually higher, but it gives you flexibility. You can choose individual items and then combine them in any way preferable. Many people prefer this menu as it’s comfortable to choose a meal.

Du Jour Menu

This menu changes regularly. It depends on what the chef has prepared or what’s available that day. For example, ‘chicken du jour’ means whatever chicken menu is available today. ‘Du Jour’ means ‘of the day’ in French.

Cycle Menu

It is a type of menu that has options for a certain time. For example, a sandwich shop offers a particular sandwich on Sunday and another on Monday, and so on. The restaurants stick to this cycle every week. This gives a ‘daily special’ menu. In the cycle menu, you get the same offer on the same days of the week.

Static Menu

This type of menu doesn’t change often. So, every day you will find the same menu. Restaurants with this type of menu are likely to offer better customer service as they provide the same menu consistently.

They know the amount they have to prepare, the taste that the customers prefer, and other things. The menu here is categorised into groups like appetisers and salads.

Fixed Menu

This type of menu only has a few options. The prices are also mentioned. In many restaurants, it’s called a set menu. This type of menu is convenient for busy people or those who are looking for an affordable option.

In Wellington restaurants you will find different types of menus. As you now know the meaning of different types of menus, it will be easy to choose your meal.